Text message again from a PPI Scam outfit. www.ppinomore.com  you usually receive a text message in my case it came from 07795 608619. I called the number it is a mobile phone. Most text messages from marketing companies come from computers not actual mobile phones.

it directs you to their website, who are not MOJ licenced  they say there respective Claims Companies will provide the MOJ number. So these are the people that need to be expelled from the business. they are not Legitimate

These scammers get paid in excess of £200 for your information if its filtered down to fit the Claims company requirements. They do this by directing you to there website with false promises. In my case the text message said

“URGENT you are owed £3,350 for the PPI you took out to claim please visit there website to claim, thank you”.

The message is totally illegal.

Do not go anywhere near this website. The only page that works is the index page and there are no contact details on it. An whois search reveals they have protected there details from you. So you have no way of recourse for these lying cheating scammers.

I will send them a text with a link to this page.